Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dress for Less

Be still my heart! Thank you, Kelly, for introducing me to Sam Moon. You mean to tell me that I can get a necklace and matching earrings for under $10? My husband will be forever ungrateful.

I know a little something about dress for less, cuz I do it all the time! My favorite places to hunt for deals are Ann Taylor Loft, JCPenney and New York and Company, which are my stops today for showing how I dress for less. For me, it all starts with a cute patterned shell or tank that I can use in the winter, spring and summer. Like this one, that I intend to buy when it goes on sale:

I have a similar patterned shell that I bought from ANL from their winter line that has similar colors. For winter or to wear to the office, I pair the shell with a purple or green cardigan and gray work pants. For casual and weekend get-togethers, I pair the shell and cardigan with dark denim jeans like the ones that I bought from New York and Company this winter on sale for $24.50.

Use the same shell that you wore in the winter and pair it in the spring/summer with a short-sleeved shrug and this cute, denim skirt that you can purchase if/when it goes on sale. The shrug will look adorable over any dress. Wear this ensemble to work and then take the shrug off when you're at a BBQ.

The key with the shell, shrug, denim skirt and cardigan is that you can mix and match for several different outfits. Pretty soon you've come up with 15 different outfits with only five staple items!

And here I am with my "winter" outfit. So comfortable that I can even "box" in it!