Saturday, February 28, 2009

Giving them a try

Oh - this taffeta dress at Target is my eye candy! Love it! Thank you, Big Mama, for posting this.

Skinny jeans. I am NOT the model size that can pull it off that easily. Yet, I'm really leaning towards getting some skinny jeans so I can tuck them in the Uggs that I do not have yet. I almost wrote them off, until I saw this post about "curvy girls" wearing skinny jeans, courtesy of The Budget Babe. Thank you, America and Kim, you look fab in them and I'm getting more bold by the day.

Today, I am going to purchase my first pair of black leggings to go under my red cotton tunic - the one I was wearing when my aunt asked if I was pregnant.

Friday, February 27, 2009

MHR #12 - Digging Out

They wouldn't call it the snowstorm of the century, but we still got 4 inches of heavy snow on Thursday. I pulled up into the driveway after work and I could see that Jason had shoveled the driveway. Jason didn't answer my "Honey, I'm home!" call when I stepped into the house entryway. I knew he had to leave in 20 minutes for his soccer game, so I wondered what was up. He wasn't in the house or the garage. I walked out onto the driveway, only to see Jason was working on the neighbor's driveway. I had driven right past the neighbor's house and didn't even see Jason through the blustery wind and swirling snow.

Our neighbors are the kind of parental neighbors every neighborhood should have. Not the meddling kind. The kind that are interested and want to watch out for you. They've had a tough year, with the husband having some health issues.

I got my boots out and went over to help finish shoveling their driveway. Yeah, it was still snowing out...but we like to think we got a head start on digging out. We finished it together so Jason could head out to his game.

An extra inch or two came over night, leaving more shoveling to do. Where was Jason as I was pulling out of the driveway for work on Friday? Shoveling the neighbor's driveway, right after he finished ours.

We enjoy our neighbors. We want to be the same kind neighborly kindess that we see our parents have with their neighbors. I don't call Bob and Fran as often as I should. I forget to look up and wave as a car passes by. Sometimes I'm too concerned about meddling, than just making the first neighborly move. I think of great ideas to reach out to the neighbors in the middle of the night, but can never seem to remember them when I'm just being lazy and have the time to actually do something.

But I'm glad Jason is my husband and we're in this together, because he reminds me and little by little, maybe we'll follow through. I'm glad he cares about others. Jason helps me be a little less selfish.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ready to get buried

Yay! A snowstorm is coming our way. Not just an inch or two. We're talking 4-8 inches. I'm not sure if this snowstorm really qualifies as a typical March "lion" characteristic. You know - March comes "in like a lion and out like a lamb". It's still February. March can give us 31 days of possible "lion" weather patterns.

Friday, February 20, 2009

MHR - #11 - Seattle Surprise

This favorite married moment tops my list. On the morning of V-Day, Jason surprised me by taking me to the airport and whisking me away to a weekend away in Seattle! Holy Space Needle, I was NOT expecting this at all! I didn't know where we were going until we got to the check-in counter and the agent said, "Going to Seattle?" I squealed and couldn't stop smiling the whole weekend.

Jason arranged the surprise getaway with my cousin Jamie's husband, Paul, to meet in Seattle and spend the whole weekend with them. Jamie had no idea where they were going either, so it was surprise for both of us. They flew in from Denver just minutes after our flight came in to Seattle. I was pretty naive when Jason had to make two "pit-stops" before getting to baggage claim. He was texting with Paul on their status to making it to the baggage claim for our surprise run-in with each other. Jason and I were at baggage claim picking up brochures. Someone walked up behind us and said, "Hi guys!". I turned to the familiar voice. It registered in my mind at the same moment that I was looking at Jamie and Paul! Jamie and I screamed.

The weekend was full of walking around DT Seattle, the Public Market, dinners, the Underground Tour, Experience Music Project and just plain hanging out. The guys treated us to a chick flick on V-Day evening - Confessions of a Shopaholic.

My heart was ready to burst the whole weekend. After being so busy this month and with having part-time jobs every Saturday, Jason and I just needed to have the whole weekend together. I knew something was up and that Jason was planning something, but I didn't know we'd be flying to our destination! Jason told me in advance to take V-day off and Monday off. I thought maybe we'd be going to our honeymoon hotel or Duluth. Jason also told me how to pack, so I was well-equipped. We came back re-freshed. I relished the carefree weekend, because upon getting back, I didn't realize how much my mood had been affected by our current events and I had purposefully stayed away from keeping up to date on those things while we were gone.

I read all articles from Katy Lin's MHR #11 post and loved them all. Let's just say, I'm a little ashamed that my husband said one of the things he'd like for me to do more often is....pick up my clutter and my clothes. Oh - and maybe I should check to see if they have clear zit-cream instead of the white kind that is plastered to my face at bedtime.

My dear husband, if you're reading this post, do you know how much I admire you for your hard work? It was a tough day at work for you today. Your clients appreciate the heart you put into the work you do for them.

Somebody deserves the VIP treatment this weekend.:)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

MHR #10

Okay, I have to admit that I like Valentine's Day. After four years of being head over heels in love with Jason, I still get giddy butterflies buying Jason a Valentine's Card in the "husband" card section!

Jason is surprising me with a weekend full of activities! He's keeping it a surprise. I know that we're not staying at our house for the weekend. I don't think we're flying anywhere. But I'm supposed to bring my swimsuit and a nice dress. Wohoo!! I love that we get to do these surprises now that we're married.

I actually hosted our first Valentine's at my place. I made dessert for Jason and we played our favorite card games. It was very sweet and we were so careful not let romantic feelings lead us to anyplace we didn't want to go that would violate our convictions about physical expression. Jason took me out to a fun restaurant called Louis XIII and we sat in one of the kissing booths. It was very special!!

Reading the "Secrets" article made me realize again (and again) that Jason and I are not married for the purpose of always making each other happy, but rather to make each other holy. I most often fail in the happiness department, because too often I display my emotions over not getting my way. I assume that getting my way will make me happy. Ha! I so, so, so desire to change. Jason is a mirror for me - showing areas that I need to be refined in.

Great stuff to think about!