Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday

....and sunny, with blue skies and the whisper (or should I say trumpet announcement) of 70 degrees. Yay - spring is finally here. Please, please stay.

Tonight, Jason and I are going out to dinner. I may even talk him into a walk around the lakes. Dinner with my handsome husband and a walk afterwards = BLISS. It has been a few weeks since we had a date - the kind where we actually go out and do something. I was starting to feel the itch. Jason must have sensed this because the other night, he asked what we were doing on Friday night and said, "Maybe we should go out to dinner and use that gift card." Yes, please! On Monday when he talked about power-washing and sanding the deck on Friday night....(crickets chirping)....I should have told him at the time how grateful I was that he suggested dinner out.

I'm also kind of bashful because of my new photography hobby. Jason has been very encouraging and (mostly) willing to be a random photo subject. A few weeks ago, he signed me up for an introductory digital photography class, so I went to the class this past Monday. I was so tickled when Jason emailed me during the day and said how excited he was for me that I got to go to the class. When I got home, he wanted me to show me my favorite new tips and tricks. I love that he is so interested in what I'm interested in!

Here's to a fun evening with my rockin' husband!

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  1. hope you guys had a great date night! :) LOVE this post! have a wonderful weekend!