Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party

Oh - I've been looking forward to this all week! Jason and I got married on August 18, 2006, at the EFC church that I've been going to for 10 years and that Jason switched to when we were dating. Okay - it wasn't the frozen tundra, but it was a nice balmy 80 degrees here in Minnesota that August day.

Our church pastor, Dan, married us and we had lots of music in our ceremony. After our pastor greeted everyone, our friends, Jon and Christa, led a small worship band in two worship songs. This really took our nerves away as the focus was taken momentarily off us and onto the music. My bridesmaid, Talia, sang this BEAUTIFUL song by Sara Groves called "He is Faithful", which is a mix between 'Great is Thy Faithfulness' and some other lyrics. Oh, my - I still cry when I hear that song!

Jason and I had a private first moment together before we began taking pictures before our ceremony. He was facing the front of the sanctuary and I walked down the aisle. This picture is when Jason turned around to see me for the first time. Jason had a Bible with him and he read out loud the last chapter of Psalms. During our engagement, we read one chapter in Psalm each night to each other on the phone. Our plan was to read the last chapter on our wedding day when we saw each other for the first time.

You'll also see that I LOVE hydrangeas and as my father-in-law put it, "You brought the garden inside", because our ceremony is laden with flowers. My wonderful cousin-in-law and friend, Becky, did all of our flowers for our reception and ceremony. She is amazingly talented and !!!

Bridesmaid Jenny's husband, Dave, designed our invitations, programs, reception seating cards, and thank you cards. This is our program. We had everything printed at our friend, Brian's, print company.

This is our neighbor's Chevy Impala that Jason and I sped off in after our ceremony as we drove ourselves to the reception. I'm really glad that it was just the two of us driving together in the car, because we just needed that "breather" moment apart from being surrounded by 200 people!

I had to show you two pictures of the bells that everyone rang as we dashed out of the church and into our get-away car. The bells were silver, but my cousin, Kim, and her daughter, Holly, spray painted all 250 bells a soft shade of muted gold! Thank you, Kim and Holly!!

Here are the beautiful bridesmaids!

L to R: Holly (friend), Becky (friend), Jamie (cousin), Jenny (friend), Stacey (friend), Talia (friend)

Here are the groomsmen! Check out the handsome man all in black - hee, hee.

L to R: Kyle (friend), Ross (friend), Best Man - Dave (brother), Ryan (friend), Brian (friend), Mike (friend)

Ha, ha - so which of you guys came up with this idea? I have an idea. When each groomsmen walked their bridesmaid up the aisle and came up next to where Jason stood, they each handed him a card with a word that when put together said, "It's too late to back out".

These are our two flower girls, Kristen and Jamie, who are daughters of our good friends, Jer and Angela. The ring bearer is my Caeden, my cousin's son. They were so good! Though I'm not sure what Caeden thought of everything!

This picture was taken in front of the golf club that our reception was at. You can't see it very well, but it's a beautiful club that has a lot of Scottish detailing.

My family L to R: Jayson (bro), my new husband!, Mom Debbie, Dad Harvey, and Kyle (bro)

I love this picture of my dad - he and Jason are always laughing and carrying on like this. He was probably even more giddy here because he was so nervous about walking me down the aisle in a few moments!

I love them all so much! Jason and I like to credit the wave of weddings that we started when we got married in 2006. Soon after our wedding, both of my brothers popped the question to their girlfriends and I got blessed with two AWESOME sister-in-laws....whose names are both Jennifer Marie. Yep - we have two Jenni's and two Jayson/Jason's in our family.

I love this picture of Jason with his mom and dad because I remember that Roger, Jason's pop, could not stop having fun during the photo shoot. I'm sure he's tickling and poking Jason to get him to burst into laughter. That was just the kind of man he was. We lost Roger to a tough, short battle with brain cancer in April 2008. He was a wonderful, godly father and husband.

Here is the whole family, including Jason's brother, Dave, on the far left. We're missing dear Carrie, Dave's wife. They weren't engaged yet, so again, Jason and I like to think we spurred the engagement on. :)

Boy, I could go on and on here. I want to show you this and I want to show you that, but you've got other blogs to look at!


  1. Your wedding was so beautiful. I love all the details :)

  2. What a beautiful wedding!


  3. (Visiting from Marla's blog)

    Your wedding was beautiful! I love the photographs, especially some of the more candid shots!

    Have a great end to your work week!